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Regular Size vs. Long Size:
The difference between a Regular size jacket and a Long (Tall) size jacket is as follows. There
is an additional 1 1/2' inches added to the body length and 1' inch added to the sleeve length of
a Long size jacket. If your height is under 6" feet, you should order a regular size jacket. If your
height is over 6" feet, you should order a Long (Tall) size jacket.

Size Conversion Chart
Some of jackets are sized numerically and the majority are sized alphabetically. Please read
the size conversion chart to help you equate the two systems and gives you the basic
measurements required for a correct fit. ALL MEASURMENTS ARE IN INCHES. Longs are 1”
longer in sleeve length and 1 ½“ longer in body length than regulars.
Number Size                   Letter Size

34                                   XS = Extra small

36, 38                             S = Small

40                                   M = Medium

42, 44                             L = Large

46                                  XL = Extra large

48, 50                            2XL = 2 Extra large

52, 54                            3XL = 3 Extra large

56, 58                            4XL = 4 Extra large

60                                  5XL = 5 Extra
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Women’s Jacket Size (Place the women’s size chart next
to the corresponding ‘Letter Size’ already in the copy.
4 = XS

6 = S

8, 10 = M

12, 14 L

16, 18 XL

20 2XL
To insure lasting beauty, these hints and suggestions are offered Cooper USA in cooperation with LEATHERCRAFT
PROCESS, the universally recommended service for the cleaning and refinishing of leather. The genuine grain leather used in
this garment is fashioned from choice skins, selected for their beauty, softness and durability. Each garment is made from a
number of skins, carefully matched without losing their unique natural markings and differences. Leather is windproof, making
this garment ideal for cold weather. Natural porosity permits the jacket to ‘breathe’ making your garment comfortable for all
seasons in any climate. Genuine grain leather is a very durable material. Your garment will retain its beauty if you follow these
simple suggestions.

· Use a sponge to remove dust or fibers.
· You may want to wear a scarf to keep the neckline clean.
· Do not store in plastic bag.
· Do not attempt to launder by hand or machine.
· Do not dry clean by ordinary methods.
· Avoid cleaning fluids or abrasives as they may discolor the leather.
· Store you leather jacket on a wide wooden hanger
. Do not use a wire hanger. Use a leather or cloth garment bag or let it hang freely.
· If your jacket gets wet, do not expose it to heat. Dry in the air on a wooden hanger.
· Regularly brush suede and nubuck and don’t use chemicals.

If you wish to press your garment:
· Set iron at lowest setting.
· Do not use steam.
· Place heavy brown paper between iron and surface of leather.
· Press one panel at a time constantly moving the iron to avoid overheating. When your garment needs cleaning care:

· Cooper USA recommends the LEATHERCRAFT PROCESS.
· Send your garment directly to LEATHERCRAFT PROCESS
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